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Our Wales Quality Network aims to provide support to quality practitioners in Wales on matters of policy and practice in areas relating to quality in learning and teaching, quality assurance, and quality enhancement. The Network aspires to collectively enhance higher education in Wales.

Network resources

Resources from previous Networks - including event summaries and speaker presentations - are available to all staff and students from QAA member institutions on our Membership Resources site. These are organised by topic, which include:

  • Partnerships Strategic and Operational
  • Data journey
  • Peer Observation of Teaching
  • Creating a HE culture and supporting student transitions
  • Advancing enhancement in Wales
  • Student engagement
  • Building Resilient Learning Communities
  • External Examiner Principles and Degree Classifications
  • Future scope and directions of the UK Quality Code
  • Degree apprenticeships
  • Collaborative Programmes Wales project
  • Quality assurance and quality enhancement
  • QER commendation and development
Upcoming meetings

This Network is part of QAA Membership. The date of the next Wales Quality Network will be published on this page and in our events section when available.

Other QAA Networks

This is one of a series of popular QAA networks which encourage like-minded members from across the UK to dedicate time to discuss key issues. You can find out more about our member networks and events on our website.

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