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QAA distinguishes between appeals (also known as representations) and complaints:


  • An appeal (or representation) is a challenge by an institution to the outcome of a QAA review or to another decision made by QAA. 
  • A complaint is an expression of an individual’s dissatisfaction with their experience of dealing with QAA. It may be on behalf of the individual’s institution.
Appeals are specific challenges to judgements reached following a review under one of the QAA review methods listed here:
  • Quality and Standards Review
  • Representations against QAA advice on Degree Awarding Powers
  • Access to HE appeals
  • Higher Education Review (HER)
  • Higher Education Review (Plus) (HER (Plus))
  • Higher Education Review (Alternative Providers) (HER (AP))
  • Higher Education Review (Embedded Colleges) (HER (EC))
  • Higher Education Review (Foreign Providers) (HER (FP))
  • Higher Education Review: Wales (HER Wales)
  • Educational Oversight-Exceptional Arrangements (EOEA)
  • Recognition Scheme for Educational Oversight (RSEO)
  • Review for Specific Course Designation (RSCD)
  • Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR, Scotland)
  • Gateway Quality Review Wales (GQRW)
  • Quality Enhancement Review (QER)
  • International Quality Review (IQR)

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