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QAA International Membership provides vision, expertise and guidance on the topics that matter to your staff and students. It ensures your university or college is well equipped to face the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing global higher education environment.


We work in partnership with, and for, all our members to deliver high-quality services that:

  • safeguard academic standards and champion academic integrity
  • enhance the quality of the student learning experience, wherever students are studying.

Types of International Membership

There are two tiers of QAA International Membership:

Full International Membership offers access to a comprehensive range of services and expertise including resources, guidance, staff training, networking opportunities, briefings and entitlement to display the QAA International Membership Badge. Full Membership is available only to those institutions who have achieved International Quality Review (IQR) accreditation from QAA.

International Associate Membership delivers a valuable but less extensive range of resources, guidance, staff training and networking opportunities for higher education institutions who don’t yet have IQR accreditation but are recognised by their local quality agency. International Associate Members are not eligible to use the QAA International Membership Badge.

"QAA International Membership is an opportunity to become part of a new international community of quality professionals and higher education institutions - including QAA’s UK Members - that is passionate about the quality of the student experience it delivers."

Benefits of International Membership

As a QAA International Member, you will benefit from:

  • informative, timely and responsive quality enhancement resources designed to support you in improving your provision
  • opportunities for staff development
  • a programme of activities that offers opportunities to learn from international colleagues through sharing of the best of international practice.

For those institutions with, or seeking to establish, UK partnerships it will provide opportunities to make new connections and develop knowledge about the UK higher education system.

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Lead a Collaborative Enhancement Project


QAA International Members and International Associate Members can also submit a proposal to lead a QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project, which offers funding for groups of member institutions to work together to explore areas of shared interest and engage students. The deadline to apply for the latest round of Collaborative Enhancement Project funding is Tuesday 1 November 2022. Further information and the application form are available below.


QAA Collaborative Enhancement Projects: Call for Expressions of Interest (International Members)

Publication date: 27 Sep 2022

QAA Collaborative Enhancement Projects: Expression of Interest Application Form (International Members)

Publication date: 27 Sep 2022

Become a QAA International Member

The process for eligible institutions to join is quick and easy. Please contact the QAA Global Team who will be happy to discuss how we can help.