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QAA Membership provides opportunities for students, student representatives and sabbatical officers to engage meaningfully in their providers' quality assurance and enhancement processes.


From events and networking to guidance, resources and opportunities to steer our work - QAA Membership has student engagement running through all we do. You can read more about what we offer for students below.


What does QAA offer for students?

Publication date: 31 Jan 2023


Student events and networks

We deliver a range of events and networks to support members involved in engaging students in quality assurance and enhancement, including student representatives.


Student Engagement Toolkit: Planning an enhancement activity

This eight-part toolkit is designed to support student engagement and enhancement across higher education. Its primary audience is student leaders, students' union officers and senior student representatives who may be new to working in higher education and quality. Staff can also benefit from the resource.


We also offer training to support understanding of quality assurance and enhancement, and build confidence in planning activities for students, by making use of the toolkit.