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We regularly engage in a number of international projects that will ultimately benefit the UK sector and the broader international higher education community.

International Students Studying in the UK

In March 2023, we published a revised edition of our guidance which considers how best to support and enhance the experience of international students. It offers practical advice and reflective questions for institutions structured around key stages of the international student journey. It is intended for staff across the sector with responsibility for international students studying at any level.

Supplementing the guide is a set of case studies highlighting areas of positive practice, along with audio accounts from students of their lived experiences of the challenges raised in the guide. These are published for QAA International Insights Members on our Membership Resources site.


Supporting and Enhancing the Experience of International Students in the UK

Publication date: 31 Mar 2023

Egyptian Higher Education Assurance System

Higher education in Egypt is currently undergoing major development - one of the objectives of the of the Egypt Vision 2030 is a focus on enhancing quality of higher education institutions. The challenges for the quality assurance processes in higher education, together with those raised by COVID-19 have prompted the National Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (NAQAAE) to reflect on the accreditation process - this report considers current processes, how effective they are and where recommendations for improvement might be made.


Mapping the Jordanian Learner Journey

QAA has compiled these reports in collaboration with the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions (AQACHEI) in Jordan and the Cotswold Research Consultancy. They form part of the British Council Global Higher Education programme and the strand of enhancing student outcomes. Mapping the Jordanian Learner Journey provides a unique insight and comparison of the Jordanian and UK learners’ experience from secondary stage through university, to graduation and employment, focusing on the steps taken to narrow any gaps in skills between university graduates and employers’ requirements. This international partnership provides a valuable opportunity to share international and national best practice, to develop further activities and to continue progress in addressing employability of graduates internationally.

The UK Transnational Education Student Experience

Quality assurance agencies - the QAA, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai, and the Committee for Private Education in Singapore - worked on a joint initiative to develop a student satisfaction survey administered to UK TNE students in Dubai and Singapore.

Enhancing the UK TNE student experience in Dubai and Singapore

Publication date: 26 Sep 2018

Supporting higher education in the ASEAN region - SHARE project

Working alongside our partners in ENQA, the German Academic Exchange Service, and the British Council, we are contributing to the SHARE project. The project aims to strengthen regional cooperation and enhance the quality, regional competitiveness and internationalisation of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) higher education institutions and students.

This is a capacity-building project that includes training for ASEAN quality agencies, driven by a desire to enhance cooperation between the EU and the ASEAN Economic Community, and create lasting benefit from the harmonisation of higher education across the ASEAN region.

By taking part in this project, we support UK higher education providers seeking to build relationships, partnerships and operations in the ASEAN region. To learn more about the SHARE project, please visit the ENQA website.