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QAA reviews are carried out by teams from a pool of more than 300 reviewers, who are drawn from universities and colleges across the UK. The principle of peer review ensures providers can be confident that judgements are made by those with experience and understanding of higher education. Students are partners in their learning experiences so each review team has a student as a full member.

We have reviewers from all types of providers of higher education, from universities, FE colleges and private colleges, and from the main subject disciplines. Most of our reviewers are academics with postgraduate qualifications, many with doctorates. Some hold senior roles such as Vice Chancellor, Principal or Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Some reviewers have retired recently from a university or a college and bring with them extensive knowledge and experience of higher education. We try to make sure each review team reflects the type of provider under review.


If you're interested in becoming a QAA Reviewer, you can stay informed about upcoming vacancies by signing up for QAA News, our fortnightly news roundup. You can also find our latest vacancies on the Current Opportunities webpage.