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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education provides interventions that are focused on supporting behaviours, attributes and competencies that are likely to have a significant impact on the individual student in terms of successful careers, which in turn adds economic, social and cultural value to the UK.


Enterprise Education is an excellent tool to prepare students for changing environments. It provides enhanced impact through placements and activities that build links between academic institutions and external organisations.


Entrepreneurship Education and the development of entrepreneurial capacity is not simply linked to employment. It provides competencies to lead a rewarding, self-determined professional life. Students will be well placed to add significant social, cultural and economic value to society through entrepreneurial activity throughout their careers.


This guidance reflects current thinking and practice in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education. It is intended to inform, enhance, and promote the development of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education across UK higher education. It draws on contemporary best practice and has been developed by experts from the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship educator community, with support from QAA.


Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education: Guidance for UK Higher Education Providers

Publication date: 09 Jan 2018

What is enterprise and entrepreneurship education?

In this collection of short videos for students and educators, we explain what enterprise and entrepreneurship education is, the kinds of behaviours, attributes and competencies it can support you to develop, and suggest a few simple ways to build an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • What is enterprise education? 
  • Enterprising behaviours, attributes and competencies
  • How to build a more entrepreneurial mindset

Fostering enterprise and innovation

The following podcasts and case study are part of a suite of resources that have been developed to help increase students' confidence and prepare them for professional careers after graduation.