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Our Membership Resources site gives QAA members exclusive access to a wide range of resources including: case studies, webinars, event materials, sector guidance documents, country reports, research, newsletters, and; spotlights on quality-related topics.

The site is divided into three areas: Membership, Quality Insights and International Insights, and members can access the resources from the package their institution has signed up to. We encourage you to share this benefit across your institution with academic staff, quality professionals, data and planning teams, international teams, students, and others.

How to access membership resources

Our new Membership Resources site launches in early August 2019. In the next couple of weeks, we will publish a registration form on this page for members to complete to gain access to their log-in details.

When registering, it is essential that you use your institution's email address, which will enable us to determine whether your institution is a member and which resources you can access. There is no limit to the number of users from each member institution.

Publication strategy

All outputs from our membership work will be published in our Membership Resources site.

However, recent feedback from universities, colleges and other HE providers told us that any future work on developing the quality and standards frameworks fundamental to UK higher education should continue to be published on our public website. This includes the Quality Code Advice and Guidance and Subject Benchmark Statements.

Resources that are currently available on the public QAA website will remain so.