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Full International Membership is exclusively for those institutions that have achieved International Quality Review (IQR) accreditation from QAA.

QAA Membership, on top of QAA institutional accreditation, has added a lot to the GMU community as it plays an important role in spreading the culture of quality across the whole university and all of its programmes. We are excited about the endless networking opportunities and sharing of best practice in quality improvement that QAA Membership will bring.

Professor Sherief Khalifa
Vice Chancellor for Quality & Global Engagement, Gulf Medical University

What does Full International Membership include?

As a Full International Member, all your staff and students will have access to a wide range of practical resources, briefings and presentations in our exclusive Membership Resources Site. These cover a broad area of activity centred on the themes chosen for the Membership year and will include:

  • papers and briefings on topics most pertinent to International Members
  • case studies and opinion pieces including QAA’s publicly available Quality Compass series
  • an annual series of country-focused reports that enable members to gain insight and learn about quality assurance, accreditation and partnership in many countries international policy briefings
  • networking opportunities including an International Member Network
  • access to events and webinars
  • staff development and training opportunities
  • access to the QAA Membership Resources Site for all staff and students
  • use of the QAA International Membership Badge.

Calendar of events and publications for 2022-23


This calendar provides an indicative schedule of the key events and resources that are part of the International Membership Programme for 2022-23. Each theme includes a range of practical resources and development activity delivered throughout the year that will ensure you have the right information and tools at your fingertips. 


QAA International Membership Calendar of Events and Publications 2022-23

Publication date: 30 Jan 2023

Lead a Collaborative Enhancement Project


QAA Full International Members can also submit a proposal to lead a QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project, which offers funding for groups of member institutions to work together to explore areas of shared interest and engage students. The deadline to apply for the latest round of Collaborative Enhancement Project funding is Tuesday 1 November 2022. Further information and the application form are available below.


Find out more

More details of what you can expect from International Membership can be found in our brochure. You can also watch our short film to find out more.

QAA International Membership Brochure 2022-23

Publication date: 14 Jul 2022

International Membership Fees

To become a QAA International Member you will need to pay an annual fee. Membership fees reflect the number of students at your institution. The Membership year runs from 1 August to 31 July.


For more information about membership fees, please contact us.


How to become an International Member

To become a full International Member your institution will need to have IQR accreditation from QAA.

The process for eligible institutions to join is quick and easy. If you are thinking about joining us, please contact our QAA Global Team who will be happy to discuss how we can help.

Below you will find the QAA International Membership Terms and Conditions.