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Membership is available to higher education providers who are:

  • a legal entity registered or established in the UK, and delivering UK qualifications at Level 4 of the FHEQ or Level 7 of the SCQF
  • subject to one of the following: review by QAA; the regulatory framework governing higher education in their home nation; or the oversight of a lead provider subject to the regulatory framework of the Office for Students.

We make a commitment to our members to deliver a tailored, responsive range of activities that meet the needs of higher education providers across the UK. Membership agreements and the terms and conditions of QAA Membership are available on each UK nation’s page.

How to become a QAA member

If you are thinking about joining us, contact our dedicated Membership Team who will be happy to hear from you and discuss how we can help.

Our Membership offer 2021-22

In 2021-22, our Membership offer spans five interconnected themes. These include UK-wide work to secure standards and quality, as well as enhancement-facing activities, co-created with our members to ensure our activities are responsive to the different contexts in which members operate. These five themes are underpinned by a range of events, networking and training and development activity.

See our Programme of Activities for full details of what we have planned for 2021-22.

How much does it cost?

In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, universities and colleges within the regulatory frameworks are automatically members. The full package of Core Membership, Quality Insights and International Insights are included in the annual fee for your institution.

In England, membership fees take into account how many students a provider has registered and whether they have chosen either of the enhancement services - Quality Insights and International Insights. Details of the current fees are published here.

Membership helps to enhance the quality of higher education programmes through a wealth of services, events, practical support and guidance.

Our work as the designated quality body in England, through which we deliver specific quality assessment functions on behalf of the Office for Students, is not included in QAA Membership fees.