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Our Quality Compass series is designed to help members explore ideas and consider responses to future opportunities and challenges in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.

These publications are conversation-starters, linked to our wider QAA Membership offer, and provide opportunities for you to share your thoughts and practices. If you would like to contribute to future editions or respond to anything we have covered in previous editions, please contact us.


Quality Compass: Navigating the complexities of the artificial intelligence era in higher education

Publication date: 19 Feb 2024

Quality Compass: Educational Gain

Publication date: 13 Mar 2023

Quality Compass: International Perspectives on Degree Classification Profiles - Is it an Issue Around the World?

Publication date: 28 Jul 2022

Quality Compass: Which Way for Micro-Credentials?

Publication date: 16 Apr 2021

Quality Compass: Navigating Assessment in a Digital Environment

Publication date: 17 Dec 2020