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Our membership activities are underpinned by regular events, networking and professional development opportunities, bringing together staff in a wide range of roles, along with students, to share innovative approaches, develop knowledge and benefit from QAA’s expertise.

Networks and events



We have established a series of popular member networks which encourage like-minded members from across the UK to dedicate time to discuss key issues. We publish network materials for members on the Membership Resources site, which you can access via these links:


Our member events provide opportunities to develop and exchange ideas on the latest policy and practice. These include:

PSRB Forum


Our PSRB Forums support regular engagement between professional, statutory and professional bodies (PSRBs) and our members. They discuss current topics and develop understanding of the different perspectives and requirements for students to complete accredited courses and move into the professions.

The most recent meeting, held in May, covered progress with the review of the UK Quality Code, the rise of artificial intelligence tools, the experience of international students in the UK, the marking and assessment boycott, and a new QAA resource on competency-based education.

The summary includes key discussion points on these topics and links to related QAA resources.


Event summary: PSRB Forum (May 2023)

Publication date: 02 Jun 2023

Professional development

Our professional development programmes include short workshops and extended opportunities to engage with a topic as part of a cohort. They comprise interactive live sessions and feature asynchronous resources and activities.


Professional development opportunities for members include:

  • Introduction to Quality
  • Quality in Practice - sessions include Quality Management; Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Student Engagement
  • Introduction to International Partnerships - covering introductory and intermediate levels (International Insights Members only)
  • Managing Risk in Partnerships (International Insights Members only)

Upcoming dates and how to book

You can find the latest information about upcoming networks, events and professional development - including dates, times and how to book - on the QAA events page. Sign up to the QAA Member Update to keep up to date.