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Developing your Access and Participation Plan (APP): a whole provider approach

Date: June 17 - 2024
Location: Online

17 June 2024, 14:00-15:30 (UK time)

The workshop will help you apply the learning about a whole provider approach to your own institutional context, and inform the process of preparing and writing your Access and Participation Plan (APP).

About this event

Access and Participation Plans (APPs) require higher education providers to take a whole provider approach to widening access and improving student success. Preparing an APP involves assessing institutional performance, exploring institutional risks, setting objectives for the institution for the next four years and agreeing institutional intervention strategies and evaluation plans. The APP should be evidence-informed, students should be involved in the process, and it should reflect a whole provider commitment and approach.

This session will: 

  • Provide an overview of the APP writing process and a check-in with where participants are with each stage. 
  • Introduce the whole provider approach, and associated tools, as a model to aid thinking about and planning your APP in particular and your widening access and student success work more generally. 
  • Consider how to differentiate between student experience ‘strategic interventions’ and ‘whole provider approaches’. 
  • Explore the importance of an ‘enabling environment’ to move from projects, pilots and pockets of excellence to an inclusive student experience that embeds equity into institutional processes. 
  • Discuss, share and develop strategies to address a challenging aspect of preparing your APP, based on key issues identified by participants. 

The workshop will help you reflect on your progress, have access to some tools to support the writing process, and provide an opportunity to work collaboratively to develop a particular aspect of your APP.

Who this event is for

Colleagues responsible for producing APPs, those who are involved in evaluating data, as well as anyone who has an interest in widening access and improving student success.

Please note the online registration closes on Friday 14 June. To ensure Members have maximum opportunity to engage in discussion, we have capped registrations for this workshop - so secure your place as soon as possible. Please email if you would like to sign up after the online registration has closed.


Further information about this event, including how to register, is available on our booking site.