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This Theme articulates how partnership arrangements can be effectively managed and overseen by providers. Providers often deliver higher education courses in partnership with a wide range of organisations: awarding bodies, other education providers, non-academic organisations, and employers.

UK Quality Code, Advice and Guidance: Partnerships

Publication date: 29 Nov 2018

Expectations and Practices for Partnerships

Guiding Principles

  1. The awarding organisation will be accountable for assuring the overall quality and academic standards of the provision, regardless of the type of partnership.
  2. The awarding organisation will have in place appropriate governance to authorise and oversee the development and closure of partnership arrangements and to monitor their effective operation.
  3. Due diligence enquiries are completed and legally binding written agreements are signed prior to the commencement of student registration - due diligence enquiries are refreshed periodically and before agreements are renewed.
  4. Provision delivered through partnership arrangements will be subject to quality procedures that are at least as rigorous, secure and open to scrutiny as those used for the provision delivered by the awarding organisation.
  5. Awarding organisations that make arrangements for the delivery of learning opportunities with others, retain the authority and responsibility for awarding certificates and records of study in relation to student achievement.
  6. All awarding organisations maintain accurate, up-to-date records of all partnership arrangements that are subject to a formal agreement.
  7. Awarding organisations monitor and evaluate their partnership arrangements to satisfy themselves that the arrangements are achieving their stated outcomes and that academic standards and quality are being maintained.