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What is Focus On?

Each year, we choose a topic for the Focus On project. We choose topics based on our findings from the Enhancement-led Institutional Review (ELIR). We invite all Scottish higher education institutions and students’ associations to tell us how we can give them the best support around this topic. This guarantees what we do will be useful and relevant.

Why Collaborative Activity?

Collaborative Activity emerged as a key area for development from the ELIR reports. We conducted a quick, desk-based scoping exercise with institutions and students’ associations to decide on the topics for Collaborative Activity.

The projects

Based on the feedback we received, on the topic of collaborative activity, the project considered:

Build learning communities at a distance

Building effective learning environments for students on collaborative, online or distance programmes.


Manage quality and risk

A range of resources for colleagues who are responsible for managing collaborative activity in their institutions.


Sharing practice

Exploring how Scottish institutions manage collaborative activity with other universities.

Further information

Focus On: Collaborative Activity leaflet

Publication date: 20 Jul 2016

Want to know more?

If you would like further information or would like to join the Focus On mailing list, please email QAA Scotland.

What makes collaborative activity work?

This video features colleagues from across the UK, and from Scotland in particular, talking about their experience of managing collaborative activity.

Colleagues identified five areas, essential for success, that work together, and are necessarily interlinked:

  • clear purpose
  • risk management
  • positive relationships
  • student community
  • student engagement and representation.

Video section descriptions and contributors

Publication date: 25 Jul 2016