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In 2020-21, more than 270 higher education providers across the UK have chosen to be a QAA Member.


Membership is available to higher education providers who are a legal entity registered or established in the UK, delivering UK qualifications at Level 4 of the FHEQ and subject to either review by QAA or the regulatory framework governing higher education in their home nation.


We make a commitment to our members to deliver a tailored, responsive range of services that meet the needs of higher education across the UK. Membership agreements and terms and conditions of QAA Membership are available on each UK nation’s page.


How to become a member

If you are thinking about QAA Membership, contact our dedicated Membership Team and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How much does it cost?


In Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Core Membership, Quality Insights and International Insights are included in the annual QAA Membership fee for your institution.


In England, membership fees vary according to how many students a provider has registered and whether they have chosen either of the enhancement services - Quality Insights and International Insights. Details of the current fees can be found below.


Membership gives members access to a wealth of services, events and guidance to help enhance the quality of their higher education programmes.


Our work as the designated quality body in England, through which we deliver specific quality assessment functions on behalf of the Office for Students, is not included in QAA Membership fees.