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Updated COVID-19 Advice on Safety Net Policies, and Placements and Practice-based Courses

Date: January 18 - 2021

QAA has published brief advice to help institutions ensure that students are supported to complete their programmes this summer.

Although the general principles of our 2020 COVID-19 guidance continue to hold true, the current UK-wide lockdown has brought about renewed focus on safety nets and the challenges associated with practice and work-based provision.

Today’s publication of advice for providers on safety net policies builds upon our existing materials on Academic Standards and Supporting Student Achievement.

In addition, we have published updated guidance on placements and practice-based learning requirements, which builds on our earlier Thematic Guidance for Practice and Lab-based Assessment.

You can find these two new publications, along with other supporting resources, on our COVID-19 support and guidance page.

As well as our COVID-19 advice, today we have also published a briefing note for QAA Members on the Membership Resources Site, discussing our recent roundtable with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs) and the Universities Minister in England.