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QAA takes part in AUA virtual study tour of China

Date: August 26 - 2020

QAA is taking part in a study tour of China, organised by the Association of University Administrators (AUA).

This year, the tour is going virtual, and will focus on Sino-British partnerships in transnational education (TNE). While international travel is currently restricted, the tour will still provide the opportunity to explore large and medium-sized TNE projects, and reinforce our understanding of current practice by UK institutions operating in China.

QAA's Accreditation and International Services Operations Manager, Dr Alison Felce, will be taking part. QAA last reviewed UK TNE provision in China in 2012 and published a Country Report in 2017. QAA will publish an updated Country Report on China for our members later this year.

AUA's International Higher Education Network (IHEN) arranges a study tour each year. Previous tours include Sweden, the USA, and Japan.