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QAA launches podcast series on the biggest issues facing higher education

Date: February 8 - 2023

QAA has launched a monthly podcast series which will host discussions on topical issues facing the higher education sector.

In this week's instalment, Si Bullock, QAA’s Quality & Standards Specialist, is in conversation with Professor Michael Draper from Swansea University to discuss academic integrity. They consider contract cheating, student attitudes to misconduct, and relevant regulatory frameworks and legislation that underpin how the sector maintains standards.

How to tune in

QAA podcasts can be found on Buzzsprout, as well as other popular streaming platforms including Spotify and Google Podcasts. Please rate, subscribe and share our podcast via your preferred platform.

On these platforms, you can also explore our existing catalogue of podcasts, covering topics including student transitions, experiences of pass/fail assessment, and embedded employability.

Other work on academic integrity 

As part of our work in this area, QAA has developed an Academic Integrity Charter which enables institutions to make an explicit commitment to ensuring qualifications are verifiable and genuine. More information on the Charter and our work with the UK Academic Integrity Advisory Group is available on our website.

For our members, we also have resources available on managing academic misconduct processes, enhancing and promoting academic integrity, and assessment and digital assessment security. These can be found on our Membership Resources Site. Sign up to use the site by completing our simple registration form.

Professor Draper has previously collaborated with QAA on our Quality Compass series.