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QAA becomes first UK accrediting body to be licensed in Viet Nam

Date: October 12 - 2022

QAA has become the first UK accrediting body to be licensed in Viet Nam. This milestone for the quality assurance sector in Viet Nam will enable QAA to support the development and quality delivery of UK transnational education (TNE) programmes in Viet Nam and to carry out a range of accreditation services.

Accreditation services which QAA will carry out include its International Quality Review (IQR), which benchmarks institutions against international best practice standards in quality assurance, and International Programme Accreditation (IPA), which provides an opportunity for independent peer review of curriculum development and quality assurance process at the programme level.

This suite of activities aims to strengthen the capacity for international collaboration between UK and Vietnamese higher education institutions, deliver a positive impact for the student learning experience in Viet Nam and contribute to the continuing enhancement of quality assurance in the Vietnamese higher education landscape.

QAA has strengthened international collaboration with the Vietnamese higher education sector in recent years including through the development of a Country Report for International Insights Members, and the delivery of an online sharing practice seminar for higher education institutions in Viet Nam and representatives from the UK-Viet Nam Higher Education Network.

Vicki Stott, QAA’s CEO said: ‘QAA is delighted to have achieved licensing through the Viet Nam Education Quality Management Agency (VQA), an endorsement of our international reputation for quality expertise. We look forward to working closely with stakeholders across Vietnamese and UK higher education in the implementation of these accreditation activities to ensure that they contribute to enhanced international collaboration.’

QAA has been granted a five-year license to conduct higher education programme accreditation across a wide range of subject areas, and a one-year license for institutional accreditation.