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New Country Report published: Viet Nam

Date: February 28 - 2022

QAA has published a Country Report on the Vietnamese higher education sector for International Insights Members. The resource is part of a series of Country Reports that QAA regularly produces to offer higher education providers who are International Insights Members an overview of the higher education and regulatory landscape of key countries for UK transnational education (TNE), partnerships and collaboration.

The reports offer high level information and intelligence about regulations, challenges and opportunities, signposting to sources of further information. It has been developed in QAA’s capacity as a membership organisation.

Recent years have seen multiple developments which seek to enable international providers to engage in collaboration and partnership with Vietnamese higher education providers. Reforms by the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) in Viet Nam have sought to simplify the process for higher education institutions to establish transnational education (TNE), partnerships or collaborations. As of 2020-21, there were 79 UK providers with recorded UK higher education TNE students in Viet Nam, amounting to 5,130 students.

The report aims to help International Insights Members who wish to expand operations in Viet Nam by providing information on:

  • the higher education landscape in Viet Nam
  • key policy drivers
  • the regulatory landscape and quality assurance
  • international student statistics
  • UK transnational education in Viet Nam.

In producing Country Reports, QAA seeks to liaise with local regulators and quality assurance agencies, and other UK sector-bodies with relevant experience. We would particularly like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the British Council in Viet Nam for their support in developing this report.

QAA’s other recent work with the Vietnamese higher education sector includes partnering with the MoET and the British Council in Viet Nam to deliver an online sharing practice event last November where QAA shared insights on UK approaches to quality with over 230 representatives from across the Viet Nam higher education sector.

QAA International Insights Members can access the Country Report on our Membership Resources site. Sign up to use the site by completing our simple registration form. To find out more about subscribing to QAA's International Insights enhancement service, please visit the membership section of our website or contact