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QAA announces funding for 17 Collaborative Enhancement Projects

Date: January 18 - 2022

Following the successful launch of our Collaborative Enhancement Projects in 2021, QAA can now announce the projects being funded from 2022. The partnerships provide institutions with the opportunity to work together on priority areas of shared interest, and the response was very positive with 47 innovative project proposals received.

In total, 17 projects will be supported this year, each led by a QAA Member. A further 46 partners are engaged in one or more of the projects. Among the 46 partners, there are 35 higher education institutions, three further education colleges, one alternative provider, two overseas education providers, and five other organisations including charities in the education and environmental sectors.

Our Collaborative Enhancement Projects offer funding for groups of institutions to work together on projects to enhance the quality of the participating institutions’ student learning experience. Funded projects will also lead to the development of outputs that benefit the wider QAA Membership and higher education sector as a whole.

The topics covered in the 17 projects running in 2022 are:

Academic Integrity

  • Accessibility and equity in proofreading
  • The improvement of student learning by linking inclusion/accessibility and academic integrity


  • Teaching degree apprentices: Challenges, motivations, lessons learnt and good practice

Enterprise and Employability

  • Developing a toolkit to enable students from unrepresented backgrounds to develop confidence and competencies
  • Developing social entrepreneurial skills in students

Education for Sustainable Development

  • Education for Sustainable Development and academic quality
  • Developing phenomenal learning: A toolkit for implementing phenomenon-based learning as part of a future-proofed SDG higher education curriculum
  • Students driving curriculum quality for sustainability - developing criteria & tools
  • Monitoring and evaluating education for sustainable development in higher education


  • Exploring assessment workload in micro-credentials

Pedagogy and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Investigating the elimination of differential outcomes
  • Creating an environment to foster pedagogic research informed decision making on quality matters
  • The inclusive education framework
  • Broadening understanding in differing outcomes for specific assessment types for undergraduate students from different ethnic backgrounds

Post-Pandemic Learning and Teaching

  • Student experience and student expectations in a post-pandemic teaching and learning environment

Postgraduate Research

  • Exploring current best practice in the UK in the development of dual award degrees
  • Defining, measuring and supporting success for postgraduate researchers from diverse backgrounds

Dr Ailsa Crum, QAA’s Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards said: ‘We received a diverse range of innovative and ambitious proposals for these Collaborative Enhancement Projects. The topics link very well with our own priority themes in QAA Membership, and we look forward to working with the project leads and their partner institutions in supporting project delivery and, especially, sharing the project findings and outcomes with our wider membership.’

You can view information on all of the funded projects, including those funded through our first round of funding, via our Collaborative Enhancement Projects webpage.