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New Quality Compass focuses on franchising

Date: July 9 - 2024

QAA has published a new edition of its Quality Compass focused on franchising.

Quality Compass is a resource which explores issues of topical interest and importance to the HE sector.

In recent months, the subject of franchising hit the headlines when the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee raised concerns about the value for money and regulatory oversight of such provision, and after the National Audit Office revealed abuse of student loan funding at franchise providers. Meanwhile, the Higher Education Policy Institute has called for a franchising code of practice and enhanced support for new entrants into this area of provision.

Now, this timely new edition of Quality Compass looks at how franchised provision can extend the reach of the educational offer and enhance the student experience.

It explores how organisations can consider issues of strategic direction, due diligence and contractual arrangements in the establishment of franchise provision, and offers advice on academic standards, governance, quality assurance and regulatory compliance, as well as communication, liaison and link tutor mechanisms.

It also examines strategies to recognise and mitigate risks, including through the early identification of issues, attendance monitoring and ensuring academic integrity - and actions that can be taken if things don't go quite as well as had been hoped.

All previous editions of Quality Compass are also available on our website. 

Quality Compass: Quality for all - How to stay ahead of risks in franchise provision

Publication date: 09 Jul 2024