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New QAA podcast on multimodality in higher education now available

Date: December 4 - 2023

The latest episode of our Membership podcast series, discussing multimodality in higher education, is now available. 

The podcast discusses what multimodality is in the context of higher education and how best to harness it in teaching, learning and assessment to support the student experience and success. It also reflects on the work of our related Collaborative Enhancement Project, led by Teesside University.  

The guests featuring in the episode include:

  • Professor Sam Elkington (Professor of Learning and Teaching, Teesside University) 
  • Professor Andrew Middleton (Professor of Active Learning and Deputy Head of Anglia Learning & Teaching, Anglia Ruskin University) 
  • Maggie Gibson (Head of Learner Development, Birmingham City University) 
  • Jimmy Lo (University Learning Technologist, University of Greenwich). 
  • Dr Kerr Castle (Quality Enhancement and Standards Specialist, QAA) hosts the panel. 

This podcast follows the previous instalment on what the hidden curriculum looks like for neurodivergent and neurotypical students

How to tune in 

QAA podcasts can be found on  Buzzsprout and other popular streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts. On these platforms, you can explore our full catalogue of podcasts, covering topics including student transitions, experiences of pass/fail assessment, and embedded employability.

Find out more 

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Our website also includes details of our many Collaborative Enhancement Projects, which offer funding for small groups of QAA Members to work together on projects to enhance the quality of the participating institutions’ student learning experience.