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This Theme aims to help providers design and develop courses effectively, creating unique and market-attractive programmes through a culture of innovation, creativity and continuous improvement. Course design can be informed by feedback from a range of sources and reflect multidisciplinary research, contemporary industry practice, technological advancements and current affairs.

UK Quality Code, Advice and Guidance: Course Design and Development

Publication date: 29 Nov 2018

Expectations and Practices for Course Design and Development

Guiding Principles

  1. Strategic oversight ensures that course design, development and approval processes and outcomes remain consistent and transparent.
  2. Accessible and flexible processes for course design, development and approval facilitate continuous improvement of provision and are proportionate to risk.
  3. Internal guidance and external reference points are used in course design, development and approval.
  4. Feedback from internal and external stakeholders is used to inform course content.
  5. Development of staff, students and other participants enables effective engagement with the course design, development and approval processes.
  6. Course design, development and approval processes result in definitive course documents.
  7. Design, development and approval processes are reviewed and enhanced.