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Updated guidance: examining and assessing in Welsh within Wales

Date: September 20 - 2019

QAA has published updated guidance to support effective practice for examination and assessment in higher education programmes that are delivered or assessed fully or partly in Welsh in Wales.

In Wales, students are entitled to request that they are assessed using Welsh, irrespective of which language or languages they have been taught in.

The guidance has been updated to ensure that it complements and reflects both the Welsh Language Measure (2011) and the expectations of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which was updated in March 2018.

It seeks to ensure that assessments are designed with the needs of Welsh-speaking students in mind, helping universities and colleges assure themselves that their programmes meet national expectations for quality and standards, whether they're delivered in English or Welsh and whichever language students use in their assessments.

Guidelines for Higher Education Providers on Effective Practice in Examining and Assessing in Welsh within Wales

Publication date: 18 Sep 2019