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The impact of COVID-19 on admissions and transitions into higher education

Date: May 28 - 2020

Today QAA has published a new paper considering the impact of COVID-19 on admissions and transitions into higher education.

This academic year school closures and the public health crisis have disrupted studies and led to the cancellation of national examinations in schools across the UK. Students who have just experienced the sudden curtailment of their school or college experience are likely to need additional consideration and assistance during their induction into higher education and given the evolving changes in delivery of most courses, may require further support to re-engage into academic life.

The paper outlines ways in which providers can support students and has been informed by discussions with directors of admissions at a number of higher education providers, and by the views of a panel of experts drawn from the school and higher education sectors. It considers how the admissions process has been affected, how Autumn 2020 entrants can be best supported, what providers might take into account when planning for the 2020-21 academic year, and how the sector can continue to protect quality and standards given the circumstances.

The paper also poses some reflective questions for the higher education sector to consider as well as some recommendations for institutions on how to support their September 2020 entrants.