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Spotlight on Ukraine in latest QAA country report

Date: November 18 - 2019

The Ukraine higher education system offers UK institutions great opportunities for collaboration and partnership, according to the latest QAA Country Report, available exclusively to QAA Members.

The report is part of a series outlining the landscape and regulatory environment for transnational education (TNE) in key countries for UK higher education. It explains the demographic, economic and political backdrop to Ukrainian higher education and underscores the country’s key national policy drivers.

Key among the conclusions is the Europeanising intent of Ukrainian higher education, and it’s here where the report highlights one of several opportunities for UK institutions. 

The report is available exclusively to QAA Members and can be accessed at our Membership Resources site. Launched this year, QAA membership includes exclusive access to online resources, webinars and events, all aimed at helping UK higher education providers secure standards and deliver high quality learning experiences for all their students.  

You can find out more, and sign up to the Resources site, on the Membership page of the QAA website.