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Quality in Action 2017-18

Date: February 20 - 2019

QAA has today published Quality in Action, a review of its work during 2017-18.

2017-18 has been a significant year for QAA, marking its 21st anniversary and the achievement of a number of strategic milestones as the UK’s independent quality body.

The review looks at the impact of QAA’s work, including:

  • Enriching UK higher education - delivering services with real impact, including adding value for subscribers, student engagement, combatting academic misconduct, revising the UK Quality Code, playing a leading voice in policy developments, and working with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies
  • Assuring higher education across the UK - tailored approaches for each of the four UK nations, underpinned by UK-wide work, quality assurance of alternative providers, work on the Teaching Excellence Framework, Access to HE, and handling concerns and appeals
  • Supporting the sector globally – through transnational education reviews, strategic international engagement, international insight and intelligence publications, and capacity building and development projects

The review also covers QAA’s strategic and operational priorities for this year and beyond.