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QAA working in partnership with College of Policing to develop national standards expected of those studying policing

Date: June 9 - 2021

QAA is pleased to announce that it is working with the College of Policing to develop a new Subject Benchmark Statement for Policing.  

Subject Benchmark Statements describe the nature of study and the academic standards expected of graduates in specific subject areas. They show what graduates might reasonably be expected to know, do and understand at the end of their studies. They are used as reference points in the design, delivery and review of academic programmes.

QAA leads the development of the Subject Benchmark Statements and reviews them on a recurring basis to ensure they are useful as possible for discipline communities. To ensure that the reviews take into account a diverse and broad spectrum of intelligence, opinion and experience on the subject areas considered, each subject area under review has its own advisory group, comprising of members of the academic community, employers, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs) and students.

As the PSRB for the police service across England and Wales, the College of Policing has well established and extensive networks across higher education and the police service. The College has a number of key functions including supporting professional development, setting standards and sharing knowledge and good practice. Policing standards are well established through a national policing curriculum, but as an increasingly popular subject to study, and as not all students enter the police service, the academic and professional worlds are keen to develop a Statement to guide providers on teaching, learning and approaches to assessment.

The Chair of the advisory group for the Subject Benchmark Statement for Policing has been confirmed as Dr Ian Pepper, Curriculum, Qualifications and Apprenticeships Senior Advisor at the College of Policing.

Dr Pepper said: ‘This is an exciting time to Chair an highly experienced academic and practitioner working group, representing views from across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of whom are committed to writing a QAA Subject Benchmark Statement for contemporary policing. The Statement will complement existing professional body products by describing the national standards expected of those studying and graduating in the discipline of policing.’

Dr Ailsa Crum, Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards at QAA, said: We are delighted to work with the College of Policing and wider stakeholders in developing this new Subject Benchmark Statement. It provides a valuable opportunity to make clear the academic expectations for the award, in addition to the existing professional standards which have already been established.”

For a full list of the Subject Benchmark Statements to be reviewed in 2021, along with membership of their advisory groups, visit the SBS review section of our website.