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QAA renews Memorandum of Understanding with SkillsFuture Singapore

Date: August 19 - 2021

QAA has renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), the statutory board responsible for overseeing the ecosystem of continuing education and training in Singapore. Both agencies have agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding, updating the agreement previously signed in 2018.

The agreement builds upon the previous Memorandums of Understanding between QAA and SSG and cooperation which started with QAA’s audit of UK provision in Singapore in 2010-11. Through the renewal of this agreement, SSG and QAA will continue to share knowledge and build mutual understanding. The agencies will explore new joint projects, with a particular focus on emerging opportunities and challenges in transnational education.

The partnership will also include exploring the co-development of Country Reports on the regulatory context of higher education in the UK and private education in Singapore, which will assist our corresponding education providers to develop transnational education partnerships.

Douglas Blackstock, Chief Executive of QAA, said: ‘It is with great pleasure that QAA renews its commitment to collaboration and information sharing with SSG, with whom we share a common mission in the pursuit of high-quality higher education. Our continued partnership allows us to share information and intelligence, helping enhance the quality of provision for students across the UK and Singapore.’

Hui Mei San, Director-General (Private Education) of SSG, said: ‘SSG is committed to uplifting the quality of private education in Singapore. The continued collaboration with QAA is important in helping us strengthen our systems through better understanding of the transnational regulatory landscape and quality assurance related issues in higher education. Both agencies will benefit from the cross-border exchanges and engagements, which will go a long way in strengthening our respective regulatory systems in key areas such as transnational education.’

The renewed agreement will last for a period of three years, with the potential of an extension upon the agreement of both parties.