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QAA renews Memorandum of Understanding with Quality and Qualifications Ireland

Date: December 14 - 2021

QAA has renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the independent state agency for third-level qualifications and quality assurance in the Republic of Ireland. Both agencies have agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding, updating the agreement previously signed in 2018.

The Memorandum of Understanding builds upon years of collaboration between the agencies. Through the renewed agreement, QQI and QAA will continue to share knowledge and information about developments in their respective country’s higher education system. This will further support QAA in its capacity supporting the enhancement of higher education internationally.

The partnership will also involve collaboration on dealing with academic fraud and contract cheating in both jurisdictions, an area of interest for both agencies. QQI and QAA will also work together to identify opportunities for engagements with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs).

Speaking upon signing the renewed agreement, Vicki Stott, QAA’s Chief Executive said: ‘As the statutory agency for our nearest neighbouring higher education sector, our partnership with QQI is of huge strategic importance for QAA. We look forward to continued collaboration over the next three years in areas of mutual interest, and in ensuring a high-quality learning experience for all those studying across UK and Irish higher education.’

Padraig Walsh, QQI’s Chief Executive said, ‘What we have learned during the past 20 months is the importance of strengthening strategic partnerships to effect system change. A shared culture of partnership and information sharing between QQI and QAA will be of significant importance in influencing teaching, learning and assessment as we move beyond COVID-imposed restrictions.’ 

In addition to this Memorandum of Understanding, QQI and QAA come together on an annual basis with other education agencies in the UK and Ireland as part of the Five Countries Qualifications Framework Group.

The renewed Memorandum of Understanding will last for a further three years, with the potential of an extension upon the agreement of both parties.