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QAA publishes updated guidance on the ongoing implications of the pandemic for placements and practice-based courses to include field work

Date: April 23 - 2021

As part of its COVID-19 support and advice for the UK higher education sector, QAA has published updated guidance on the ongoing implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for placements and practice-based courses to include a section on field work.

Much of the COVID-19 guidance published by QAA over the last year is still pertinent, however, due to the pandemic’s ongoing impact on this area of work across a range of courses, the updated guidance includes further support concerning field work and field trips, including a list of documents that are especially relevant in the current circumstances.

Whilst QAA produced COVID-19: Thematic Guidance for Practice and Lab-based Assessment last April, the graduating cohort was only affected by restrictions relatively late in their studies, and it was hoped that cohorts at earlier stages of their courses would be able to defer activities until later. As the current academic year has unfolded, and lockdowns and restrictions around physical distancing have continued to present difficulties, this updated guidance is intended to support the UK higher education sector as part of QAA’s ongoing COVID-19 support and guidance.

In January 2021, QAA published new advice for higher education providers focused on the renewed attention being given to safety nets.

Our COVID-19 guidance is funded by our Members’ fees but publicly available in recognition of the extraordinary pressures on the wider sector arising from the pandemic.