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QAA publishes additional advice on Generative Artificial Intelligence tools

Date: May 8 - 2023

Our latest advice for providers on how to manage the rapidly increasing use of Generative Artificial Intelligence is now available.

The advice builds upon our initial briefing paper on the rise of artificial intelligence software and potential risks for academic integrity, published in January, and reflects on the sector and technological developments in Generative Artificial Intelligence since.

This new guidance specifically aims to support providers in considering how Generative Artificial Intelligence tools can be used to positive effect in academic programmes, while also maintaining academic standards. The paper notes this approach is preferable to banning the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools outright.

The document offers practical advice for providers to help them reflect on the steps they have taken to date to reassure themselves that they are reasonable, proportionate and meet the needs of their whole community.

Further advice is given on planning for the upcoming academic session, with suggested steps for embedding institutional approaches and building confidence in new and returning students.

It also offers a four-step process to help institutions identify which assessments would benefit from adjustment to take account of the increasing use of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools and implement robust internal quality assurance processes.

The new advice is available on our website alongside our other work on the rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools.

Maintaining quality and standards in the ChatGPT era: QAA advice on the opportunities and challenges posed by Generative Artificial Intelligence

Publication date: 08 May 2023