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QAA briefs members on artificial intelligence threat to academic integrity

Date: January 30 - 2023

QAA has published a briefing note to support members in tackling challenges to academic integrity which have been brought about by the rise of artificial intelligence tools.

It has been produced following widespread concern that new software tools like ChatGPT could be used by students to generate work on their behalf without correctly acknowledging or attributing their use.

The briefing paper provides an overview of what the artificial intelligence (AI) tools are and their wider implications for staff and students in upholding the principles of academic integrity.

To help members respond to the challenges, QAA has outlined action providers can take to safeguard existing assessments and academic standards. The briefing also highlights practices which can be employed to promote academic integrity in a wider context.

The briefing is available on our website alongside other information about our academic integrity work. More than 200 institutions have now signed up to our Academic Integrity Charter which was launched in 2020 with the endorsement of higher education ministers from across the UK. Those who have not yet done so can view the Charter and sign up through the QAA website.

The rise of artificial intelligence software and potential risks for academic integrity: Briefing paper for higher education providers

Publication date: 30 Jan 2023