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New guidance on supporting and enhancing the experience of international students in the UK

Date: March 31 - 2023

Revised guidance for UK higher education providers on how best to support and enhance the experience of international students is now available.

Developed through a sector-led approach, it offers practical advice and reflective questions structured around key stages of the international student journey. These include:

  • Information: Pre-arrival and arrival 
  • Induction, transition, integration and beyond  
  • Provider requirements and external compliance 
  • Academic support and skills 
  • Professional services and non-academic support 
  • Belonging, integration and inclusivity 
  • Careers and employability

The guidance explores critical elements of the support higher education providers should offer international students studying in the UK, to safeguard and enhance their experience. By doing this, it aims to help facilitate a sense of belonging for international students as active participants in the UK academic community.

To supplement the practical advice, we have also published case studies highlighting areas of positive practice, along with accounts from students that describe their lived experiences of some of the challenges raised. These are available to QAA International Insights Members on our Membership Resources Site

QAA’s Director of International and Professional Services, Eduardo Ramos, said: ‘We are delighted to publish this important piece of guidance that will enable higher education providers to support international students through every stage of their academic journey in the UK. It reflects on challenges that international students face and those of staff when supporting them. We hope it will foster a sense of belonging and community for all students in the UK. We are grateful to the institutions, students and sector bodies who worked in partnership with us to develop this resource.’