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New guidance on delivering competence-based education available to QAA Members

Date: April 20 - 2023

A new resource offering guidance for providers looking to develop and deliver competence-based education (CBE) is now available for QAA Members.

CBE is an innovative approach that emphasises learning through doing, proficiency, personal awareness, an ability to see things from others’ perspectives and consider the whole picture, including the impact of our actions.

This approach encourages students to take a forward-facing approach to their studies, considering how the world is evolving and their intellectual, practical and social skills that can be applied in the real world to make a positive difference.

CBE is becoming increasingly popular in higher education and this new publication provides valuable information for institutions seeking to implement this approach to education.

The publication is presented in four sections:

  • defining CBE
  • curriculum design for CBE
  • how do we teach and assess CBE
  • quality considerations for CBE.

Across these sections, the resource covers the key principles of CBE, its design and delivery, and assessment and grading.

Later in the year, we will publish case studies from institutions that have successfully implemented CBE, providing real-world examples of excellent practices.

Dr Kate Mori, QAA’s Quality Enhancement and Engagement Manager said: ‘Competence-based education has the potential to be a force for good, transforming how we consider higher education and providing students with a more future-focused learning experience. This new QAA publication provides essential information for institutions looking to progress CBE and work effectively with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies in doing so.’

QAA Members can access our Competence-Based Education Primer via our Membership Resources site.

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