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New country report offers insights into Pakistan higher education system

Date: January 9 - 2023

International Insights Members can discover more about the higher education landscape in Pakistan through our latest country report. Country reports offer an overview of the higher education and regulatory landscape of key countries for UK transnational education (TNE), partnerships and collaboration.

Transnational partnerships in Pakistan are approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in accordance with their transnational education policy launched earlier this year. As part of the Pak-UK Education Gateway, the British Council - in collaboration with the HEC - has facilitated partnerships between 160 Pakistani universities and 65 UK institutions.

Our report provides high-level intelligence about the education environment, regulations, challenges and opportunities associated with TNE in Pakistan.

It aims to support International Insights Members with an interest in growing TNE partnerships within Pakistan by providing information on:

  • the higher education landscape in Pakistan
  • key policy drivers
  • the regulatory landscape and quality assurance
  • international student statistics
  • UK transnational education in Pakistan.

In producing country reports, QAA liaises with local regulators and quality assurance agencies, and other UK sector bodies with relevant expertise. We would like to thank the Higher Education Commission and the British Council for their valuable support in developing this report.

QAA has previously reviewed quality assurance procedures in Pakistan in support of the Pak-UK Education Gateway.

QAA International Insights Members can access the Country Report on our Membership Resources site. Sign up to use the site by completing our simple registration form. To find out more about subscribing to QAA's International Insights enhancement service, please visit the membership section of our website or email us