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Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation receives global quality accreditation

Date: May 10 - 2024

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia has successfully completed its International Quality Review (IQR) and has been awarded global quality accreditation by QAA.

IQR is a rigorous process which benchmarks global higher education institutions against international quality assurance standards set out in Part 1 of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG).

The review visit was conducted on 6-8 March 2024 by three independent reviewers appointed by QAA. In making their conclusions, the review team confirmed that the University meets all 10 of the internal quality assurance standards in the ESG.

Established in 1993, the University now comprises 14 academic schools, including 11 discipline-based schools and three programme-based schools. Its student population of over 13,000 students is drawn from more than 130 countries.

The review team found five examples of good practice and was able to make 13 recommendations for enhancement. These recommendations are of a desirable rather than essential nature and are proposed to enable the University to build on existing practice which is operating satisfactorily but which could be improved or enhanced. The team did not set any conditions. 

Overall, the team concluded that Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation meets all standards for International Quality Review. 

QAA's review team identified the following areas of particularly good practice at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation:

  • Active engagement with industry in the development of new academic programmes.
  • Active engagement with industry in the design and delivery of learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Close relationships with industry to support students’ ongoing professional development and success.
  • Effective use of industry advisory panels to monitor and review the programmes across different schools to ensure its programmes reflect the changing needs of society.
  • Proactive engagement in different external quality assurance activities to inform internal continuous improvement of its academic provision.

Professor Dr Ho Chin Kuan, Vice-Chancellor of Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, said: 'The QAA International Quality Review has been a transformative journey towards global recognition and excellence for APU. The review process has not only reinforced our existing quality standards but has also empowered us to proactively address challenges and adapt to the evolving needs of our students and stakeholders worldwide.'

Chris Bland, QAA’s Head of Accreditation and Consultancy, added: 'QAA is delighted to congratulate Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation on its successful completion of International Quality Review. We've enjoyed working with our colleagues in Malaysia, and we very much look forward to collaborating with them in the future.'

This IQR accreditation will be valid for five years, subject to a satisfactory mid-cycle review. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation can now display QAA’s IQR Accreditation Badge, showing that their quality assurance processes are comparable with international best practice.

By securing IQR accreditation from QAA, international institutions can clearly spotlight their quality standards internationally, and more easily start dialogues with institutions outside their own country.

You can read Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation's IQR report on our website, where you can also find out more about the IQR process and QAA International Membership. If you are interested in your institution seeking accreditation or international membership, and wish to discuss this further, please contact the QAA Global team at