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Admissions and Transitions: Signpost to Information and Resources

Date: May 20 - 2020

Two key challenges for the higher education sector for the next academic year will be the admission of new students during the COVID-19 pandemic, and delivering effective transitions, whether that's into higher education, between years or levels of study, or into graduation.

To help institutions manage their approaches, we've collated information from a range of sources in a single document: Admissions and Transitions: Signpost to Information and Resources

Sources signposted include advice from regulators and funders across the UK including the Competition and Markets Authority, previous QAA guidance, and information published by institutions about their own practice. It also highlights recent comment and opinion from policymakers and influencers. It covers the following categories:

  • Regulatory guidance for providers in England
  • Guidance for providers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Supporting resources
  • Comment, opinion and background.

This signpost document is accompanied by a recorded panel discussion which is available for QAA Members. A written supporting resource paper, drawing on matters raised in the panel discussion, will be publicly available by 29 May.

QAA is continuing to have detailed discussions with senior staff from a broad range of QAA Member institutions, so that we can produce sector-informed guidance on flexible approaches to provision for the next academic year.

For further QAA advice on a wide range of issues related to the current pandemic, visit our COVID-19 support and guidance page.