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Inclusivity is essential in modern Higher Education. All students should have an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background, demographic characteristics or current circumstances. However, lack of understanding of the breadth and depth of inclusivity ‘on the ground’ often lags behind the aspiration to be truly inclusive. Institutions often struggle to define inclusive education, and do not have access to guidance and resources to effectively embed inclusive practice throughout their practices.


This Collaborative Enhancement Project generated a cross-institutional Inclusive Higher Education Framework and accompanying self-directed online learning resource bank. The practical materials are designed to inspire the sector to implement inclusive educational practices effectively.

The framework covers five core areas of activity including:

  • Structures and Processes
  • Curriculum Design and Delivery
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Community and Belonging
  • Pathways to Success.

In addition to the five areas of activity, the framework is underpinned by six key principles or ways of working:

  • Clear, consistent language and communication
  • Leadership, responsibility and accountability
  • Wellbeing, empathy and authenticity
  • Development and training to empower individuals and teams
  • Partnership working across an institution
  • Evidence, reflection and evaluation.

The resource bank includes practical materials including case studies, checklists, reflective tools, and a self-paced online learning tool to help you make the most of the materials available.

Inclusive Higher Education Framework

Publication date: 13 Apr 2023

The Inclusive Education Framework - Evaluation report

Publication date: 13 Apr 2023

Project lead:

University of Hull

Project partners:

University of Derby, Keele University, Staffordshire University and York St John University with additional contribution from King’s College London and UA92

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