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University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University saw a team of students, supported by team coaches, design and deliver a project that engaged with and explored the Lincolnshire visitor economy. Their aim was to establish the practical skills and attributes needed to equip learners for operating in high levels of uncertainty and a fast-changing environment.


Developed as an interdisciplinary collaboration, the project explored a group of students’ ability to collaborate, learn, and make a worthwhile contribution socially. Engaging in a series of activities and workshops aimed at the leisure and tourism sector, students increased their attributes and skills as part of their learning process by focusing on practical skills before theoretical knowledge. The coaches were provided with a valuable opportunity to observe and explore what impact two different learning styles might have on the execution of the project and how the students would work together.


The process was facilitated using a Team Coaching approach in line with ‘Team Academy’ (TA) model of learning. This promoted ‘ripple effect’ learning where learning did not stop with the students who engaged with stakeholders in a way that created a ‘community of practice’ at a County level.  

The process introduced was human-centric – the students were challenged with a real-life task, and they responded accordingly. At every step of the project, as they met challenges, students were asked what it was they needed to address the issue, or what was preventing them from making a decision or taking action. In every instance, they worked out the answers for themselves.


As a result, they now hold some mastery of the range of skills and attributes they will need to achieve success both in their higher education journey, and beyond including:


  • peer learning
  • citizenship
  • entrepreneurial thinking
  • developing and applying specialist academic knowledge
  • how to capitalize on business opportunities
  • the ability to recognise and respond to potential threats, change and uncertainty

You can read the full project report below which outlines key findings and recommendations.

A Learning Community: An Exploration of the Lincolnshire Tripod

Publication date: 27 Oct 2022

Project Lead:

University of Lincoln


Project Partner:

Bishop Grosseteste University


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