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Post-pandemic teaching has not been without its challenges for Higher Education providers, with many different strategies being developed to accommodate online and on-campus teaching and learning.

Many providers reported a decline in engagement from students, which was also reflected in the drop in student satisfaction in the National Student Survey in 2021.

This QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project brought together colleagues from 10 business schools to investigate this, focusing on students’ priorities and how they engage in the post-pandemic world of Higher Education.

Using a range of methods, the project gathered feedback around how students have responded to the changes they have faced. The findings centre around some key themes, including;

  • Timetabling and commuting students
  • The need for virtual and physical communities
  • The importance of recordings to support flexible learning
  • Digital literacy and inequalities
  • Mobilising student voice

The project produced a set of Student Engagement Guidelines which builds on these themes, discussing the overall meaning around how student experience has been altered post-pandemic and what engagement with students will look like in the future.

It also shares good practice examples of how the participating Higher Education institutions identified key challenges of the pandemic and introduced interventions to address decreasing student engagement during and after COVID-19. It includes student quotes, recommendations and reflective questions (‘Food for thought’) to allow the reader to reflect on their own practices.

Student Engagement Guidelines: Learning from innovative practices introduced in response to COVID-19

Publication date: 11 May 2023

A report was created for the project to assess how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected students' experiences and their expectations for teaching and learning. Valuable quantitative insights into the extent of student engagement were obtained through a student survey and focus groups conducted at ten universities.

Evaluation Report: Student Engagement Guidelines - Learning from innovative practices introduced in response to COVID-19

Publication date: 19 Jun 2023

Project lead:

Coventry University

Project partners:

Coventry University London, De Montfort University, Birmingham City University, Liverpool John Moores University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Northumbria University, University of East London, University of Greenwich and University of Huddersfield



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