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Higher education providers increasingly seek to embed student-staff partnerships in their innovation programmes and quality processes to drive impactful change.

The success of partnership projects has been linked to effectively establishing the values of partnership working - staff facilitators and their preparedness to engage in effective partnership working are, therefore, integral to embedding partnership working across institutions. However, to date, little attention has been given to guidance or literature to support the sector in preparing staff for such partnerships. 


This project seeks to develop practical insights to support the establishment of successful student-staff partnerships. It will do so in the context of building its partnerships and working with students and staff from each partner institution. 

Through desk-based research of literature across the sector and interviews with current staff and students across the partner institutions, the project team will gain a deep understanding of current best practices and existing issues from the perspectives of various stakeholders. This will lead to developing a toolkit of practical resources to support providers engaging in student-staff partnership work and a series of dissemination activities to help providers make good use of the materials.


University of Sussex


University of Salford, University of Brighton and University College London

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