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This practice-led project Enhancing Learning and Teaching Quality through Collaborative Observation (ELTQCO), is underpinned by the premise that improving the student learning experience starts by improving the teacher learning experience. Shaped and informed by cutting-edge observation research and practice, the project team aims to implement and evaluate an innovative and collaborative observation model, involving groups of students and teaching staff from varied disciplines, co-observing and co-reflecting on the quality of their learning and teaching.

ELTQCO will be driven by shared values around developing and promoting excellence and authentic engagement amongst staff and students, with benefits for enhancing the teaching and learning awareness and experience of both parties, along with providing evidence for informing quality enhancement at the course/module level.


The objectives of the project are to:

  • increase student engagement in shaping their learning experiences by empowering them to become directly involved in informing and improving the quality of learning and teaching on their course/module
  • implement two cycles of collaborative observation with students and staff across three universities and evaluate its impact at the course/module level 
  • provide students and staff with conceptual, practical tools to promote authentic collaboration and inquiry into the quality of their learning and teaching  
  • work collaboratively with staff and students at the partner universities to share a reconceptualised approach to the use of observation as a tool to enhance the quality of teaching and learning to share the findings/recommendations across the sector. 
  • A practical step-by-step guide and resources to support the training, preparation and implementation of a cycle of collaborative observation as a quality enhancement tool for students and staff.
  • Digital case studies providing insights into the learning and teaching experiences and practices of students and staff.
  • An online dissemination event to share the project outcomes and outputs across the wider QAA membership.
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  • Professor Matthew O’Leary, Director of CSPACE research centre at Birmingham City University talks more about this project in this blog post.
  • Laura Jenkins from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University shares her experience of being observed for this project in this blog post.
  • Professor Matt O’Leary and Vanessa Cui from City University, Dr Jenni Jones and Julie Hughes from the University of Wolverhampton and Dr Victoria Wright from Loughborough University, discuss how a sense of belonging and strong pedagogical relationships can enhance the quality of teaching and learning in this blog post.
Podcast: The rewards of collaborative observation

In this episode, staff and students from Loughborough University and Birmingham City University come together to discuss a collaborative observation project that enhances student learning experiences.


Birmingham City University


Loughborough University and University of Wolverhampton

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