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This QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project between Bishop Grosseteste University and University of Lincoln will see a team of academics and students from each institution engaging with communities and organisations in the visitor economy from across the Lincolnshire tripod – city, county, coast - to establish the practical skills and attributes needed to equip learners for operating in high levels of uncertainty and a fast-changing environment.

Through stakeholder and community workshops, the project team are collecting valuable data from private and public players in the county to develop a pattern of learning. Modular design of new learning interventions could offer participants opportunities and rewards tailored to regional learning requirements of major stakeholders. This will create CPD opportunities that are relevant to time and place and impactful on communities with learners as the focus of learning.

 There are a number of project beneficiaries including:

  • the students involved who will develop new venture and citizenship skills by engaging in activities to develop and facilitate community workshops
  • the communities and organisations involved by determining learning needs and responding with tailored resources
  • the two universities who will be in a position to provide more flexible and accessible HE environments where students can dip-in and dip-out to accommodate working life and family commitments
  • the wider HE sector who will be able to access the project findings and resources.

By using team coaching interventions, it is hoped to establish a better connection between the community and the HE providers to determine a learning model which can be shared nationally.

Project lead:

University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University

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