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This project aims to deliver a toolkit to enhance the wider-scale impact of work-based learners on global issues.

The research focuses mainly on practitioners studying part-time. It will collate best practices on how these individuals – as student intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs (SIEs) driving change within and beyond organisations – can combine their practitioner knowledge with new academic learning outside the classroom to tackle significant societal issues.

This project builds on wider-scale drivers and initiatives towards impactful learning and research, which is applicable across the sector in various contexts.

Using discussion forums to gather feedback from students and broader stakeholders, the project team will produce a toolkit that enables SIEs to develop the skills and attributes required to underpin effective influential strategies for global citizenship in addition to:

  • A best practice guide to support users in adopting the SIE toolkit 
  • A range of multimedia resources to complement the SIE toolkit.

Creating communities of practice for a diverse body of highly individual SIEs is challenging for providers, often resulting in limited opportunities for SIEs to continue to develop and share their subject-specific knowledge and skills. In addition to the practical resources, which will be available to the sector, the project team will develop an inter-institutional SIE mentorship programme to support communities of practice which will help solve national and global problems.

Project Lead:

Liverpool John Moores University


Project Partner:

University of Chester and Oxford Brookes University


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