The Student Strategic Advisory Committee (SSAC) meets three times a year to facilitate discussions between students and QAA on developments in the higher education sector.

SSAC meetings are attended by QAA's Chief Executive and other members of the QAA Board, and have shaped national student-centred projects with NUS, introduced student reviewers onto QAA review teams, and influenced QAA's overall strategy.

Student Strategic Advisory Committee Members

  • Co-chair - Robert Cashman
  • Co-chair - Amatey Doku
  • Shumela Ahmed
  • Emma Beenham
  • James Brown
  • Stuart Cannell
  • Caroline Fielder-Shatell
  • Josh Gulrajani
  • Matthew Kearns
  • Rojan Kumar
  • Becky Lees
  • Tom Lowe
  • Aaron Lowman
  • Ran Magnusdottir
  • Beth Massey
  • Kevin McStravock
  • Hannah Reilly
  • Olivia Sharp
  • Robert Simkins
  • Tania Struetzel

Additional information about Student Strategic Advisory Committee members

Publication Date: 10 Apr 2018

This document contains details about each member of the QAA Student Strategic Advisory Committee

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