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QAA supports assessment in digital and blended pedagogy through latest Hallmarks of Success playbook

Date: February 15 - 2022

QAA’s latest resource supports our members in designing effective assessment to support digital and blended pedagogy. Assessment is integral to a successful student learning journey, providing a key link between student engagement, assuring academic standards and facilitating the development - and demonstration - of students’ knowledge and skills.  

The second in QAA’s Hallmarks of Success series, the playbook focuses on four interconnected themes:

  • Assessment as learning
  • Feedback and feedforward practices
  • Quality enhancement and moderation practices
  • Academic Integrity
The Hallmarks of Success playbooks provide our members with high level guiding principles that underpin success in the delivery of hybrid and blended learning and teaching.   

They can be used to inform course design and curriculum review within a hybrid environment, and to stimulate discussion about success factors, potential roadblocks and how to overcome them. The playbooks can be contextualised to suit an individual higher education institution’s strategy, culture and approach to hybrid and blended delivery.

Each playbook is structured using:

  • success statements
  • conditions for achieving success
  • potential roadblocks
  • overcoming roadblocks.
The series is primarily aimed at those involved in curriculum design, delivery and approval, but may also be of interest to those with a strategic remit for learning, teaching and assessment, as well as wider academic and professional services staff.

Dr Ailsa Crum, QAA’s Director of Membership, Quality Enhancement and Standards said: ‘As QAA Members plan their future strategic direction for teaching, learning and assessment, the playbook series offers practical guidance on assessment in digital and blended pedagogy that can be used to stimulate conversations and inform institutional planning. We are grateful to colleagues across the sector who provided valuable feedback as we developed this resource.’

The Hallmarks of Success playbook, Assessment in Digital and Blended Pedagogy is available to QAA Members on the QAA Membership Resources site. You can also find the previous playbook on Student-Centred Learning and Teaching there. Those from QAA Member institutions can sign up to access the site using our registration form.

Future editions of the Hallmarks of Success series will look at: Course design, approval and management (April 2022) and supporting and empowering teaching staff (July 2022).