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QAA signs Memorandum of Understanding with National Agency for Assessment and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Scientific Research, Morocco

Date: May 11 - 2022

QAA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Agency for Assessment and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Scientific Research (ANEAQ), the quality assurance agency for higher education in Morocco.

Through the Memorandum of Understanding, QAA and ANEAQ will share information about each other’s activities, as well as relevant developments, opportunities and challenges in their respective higher education systems. The agreement is signed in QAA’s capacity supporting the development of higher education quality internationally, including activity to support QAA members and collaboration with international partners.

The partnership will also lead to collaboration on agreed areas of mutual interest such as the quality enhancement of transnational education. ANEAQ will support QAA in the development of a country report for QAA International Insights Members.

This MoU has been developed as part of the work of the Morocco-UK Higher Education and Scientific Research Commission of which QAA is a member. The Commission was established in January 2020 and seeks to develop collaboration and understanding of student mobility and transnational education, pedagogic development and reform, governance and quality assurance, and research and innovation.

Vicki Stott, QAA’s Chief Executive said: ‘We are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with the Moroccan higher education sector through this agreement with ANEAQ. We look forward to future collaboration through which we can identify capacity for partnership between higher education institutions in our respective countries.’

ELMokhtar Bakkour, Director of ANEAQ said: ‘It’s both a pleasure and an honor for ANEAQ to collaborate with a prestigious assessment and quality assurance agency, the QAA. I think that ANEAQ will be able to take advantage of the expertise and experience of the QAA. A collaboration that is very promising, and personally I am delighted.’

Tony Reilly, Country Director, British Council in Morocco said: ‘The collaboration between QAA and ANEAQ is a sign of the strong relationship between both countries in the higher education sector. All countries, including Morocco and the UK, are keen to quality assure their higher education systems. QAA and ANEAQ will work together to ensure that the student experience is positive and learning outcomes enhance employability.’

The Memorandum of Understanding will last for three years, with the potential of an extension upon the agreement of both parties.